Peaches                  Blue tortie tabby w/white


Black classic tabby


​Black tabby w/white

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Minorlynx P- Litter. 
Born the 6th of December



Black classic tabby

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Blue w/white

                               You can see the kittens pedigree here :;2:1242023&g=4&p=nfo&date=iso&o=ajgrep

DK. Zekapes Thor

DK. Killix Nikkoline

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    Boy                                                         Boy                                          ​   Girl                               




Something about our kittens :)

The kittens will be able to leave home when they are 12 weeks old. If neutered sometimes 14 weeks old. 

We dont want under any circumstances our kittens declawed, that will be in our contract

All our kittens are raised in our house and can run free almost all over, which means that they wont be left in a cat run , and are in hands many times a day
All kittens are FIV/FELV negative

The Parents are not carrier of GDSIV, PK-def which means that the kittens can not be carrier.

The Parents are also screened normal for HCM, which means  that they were clear at the time of the ultrasound
When the kitten leaves home , it will have its vaccinations . It will be de-wormed, have a health Certificate from our vet and of course our contract. 

 It will get a little lunch pack with the same food we feed our cats with to prevent an upset stomach . Your kitten will also get a few toys of their favorite

We reserve the right to refuse placement of any kitten.

Boy                                                    Boy                                                    Boy